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Design the Future 2018

Design the Future 2018

In November 2018, students from  Tampere University of TechnologyBIC Araba and UPV/EHU , along with CBI ER students from the University of BolognaUniversity of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and University of Ferrara participated in the Design the Future workshop.

The presentations of the TUT, BIC and UPV/EHU can be found below, whereas more info on CBI ER can be found on their course page.
DTF 2018 final prez – Team Mörkö
DTF 2018 final prez – Team Fantasy 5-1
DTF 2018 final prez – Team TXALAPARTA

The general objective of this workshop is that MSc level interdisciplinary student teams discover:

  1. What is CERN by interacting directly with CERN researchers.
  2. What is happening at CERN by interacting directly with CERN researchers.
  3. How to think disruptively.
  4. How to build future world scenarios in which social aspects and technology interlink and propose transformative technology concepts.

Especially point three constitutes the essence of how CERN professionals face challenges in fundamental physics and will serve the students to become original thinkers and innovators. Exercises are introduced by tailored explanatory talks. Their goal is to provide the students a disruptive thinking toolbox that will be fully put in practice in the last challenge of the workshop consisting of a challenging future scenario building project. The workshop takes place at CERN IdeaSquare facility depending on availability. Interested organizations should cover all students’ expenses (e.g. hotels, meals, etc) and necessary administrative requirements (e.g. insurances). As well, sufficient teachers and/or tutors should be physically present along the workshop duration. The workshop is open to all students’ background (e.g. Science, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Design, etc). For more details please contact