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We are delighted to welcome you and your team to our space.

Here is a step by step guide on how to book the space:
Before contacting us:
Check event compatibility

Make sure that your event fits into at least one of the categories below (see “Events that we support”) and that you clearly understand your responsibilities as organizer.

Check date

Ensure that the date is available in the calendar below

Contacting us:
Send us an email

To get in touch, you can contact us at idea.square [at]

Once your event is confirmed:
Provide event details

The role of CERN and Ideasquare as acting host for the Event is recognized in the related communication. Provide us with at least one image and a paragraph description about the event.


We will confirm and provide you with a INDICO link for your use (optional)

Safety activity report

At least one week prior to the event, fill in the Safety Activity Report which is submitted to CERN Safety Officers (HSE) for inspection (if event will take more than one day); Note that If you are an external Event organizers sign the Transfer of Liability document.

Tag Ideasquare

If you use social media, please tag us @CERNIdeaSquare

During your event:
CERN’s Code of Conduct

The Event participants agree to adhere to the CERN rules while staying on the CERN site, including CERN’s Code of Conduct.

Preparation & execution

The Event organizers demonstrate and take full responsibility for the preparation, execution and post-event arrangements, for example the advertising, participant selection, event preparation including all necessary CERN formalities, travel arrangements, lodging, transport, coaching, material or equipment purchasing and restoring the work space to its initial condition after the event;

After the event:
CERN’s Space clean

Give the space back in the same state as you found it!


Provide statistics about the impact (“idea Footprint”) measured e.g. in number of participants, number of ideas considered, prototypes produced, etc.

Events we support
  • The Event has an organizing body which is recognized by CERN, for example an Association or an NGO;
  • The Event has a clear focus, objective and rationale, for example “to contribute and advance understanding in the topic of smart cities, inspired by the CERN environment”;
  • The Event promotes cross-disciplinary and collaborative participation, for example “bringing together technology specialists, product designers and architects”;
  • The Event is strongly deadline-driven and culminates in producing and presenting concept prototypes, for example “producing in 24 hours a miniature model of recoverable energy cycling devices for residential blocks”;
  • The Event has a demonstrated educational or a social purpose which is in accordance with CERN’s mission and ethical policies, for example “aimed at MSc level students interested in developing detector-based technologies to avoid traffic congestion in residential areas ”.
  • With a CERN badge, you have access to the building. 
  • There is no membership fee. But in exchange for using the space, we would ask you to contribute back based on your abilities. For example as a coach for a student program. This will not be very time-consuming.
  • The limitations is that the space should be used for work-related projects.
  • We have trainings for using the laser cutter and the FDM 3D printers. They can be found here.

Events calendar