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Take a peek into the future - visit the online Challenge Based Innovation A3​ showcase!

CBI A3 is one of the longest running student programmes hosted at IdeaSquare. Created by Design Factory Melbourne in co-ordination with the design factories from Mannheim and New York City, it brings together students from three continents. During the 2019-2020 edition, the students visited IdeaSquare in November-December 2019. After several iterations of product development cycles, the student teams are finally presenting the outcomes of their projects in an online showcase on May 7th.



Explore innovation methodologies that support divergent research, problem reframing, and iterative testing.



Develop and test ideas by taking advantage of our machine workshop, electrical workshop, 3D printer, light lab, and VR headset for rapid prototyping.



Surround yourself with teams of different expertise and with new ideas. Take part in or host collaborative activities like Challenge Based Innovation, hackathons, or workshops.





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