Innovation for change 2020

The fifth edition of the impact innovation programme developed by CDI, Politecnico di Torino and CERN has started today. 53 young people will work on the sustainable development challenges launched by Enel Foundation, Autostrade per l'Italia, CNH Industri



Turin, 14 February 2020,

Today, the Collège des Ingénieurs Italia in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino and Idea square (the CERN centre dedicated to experimental innovation) kicked off the fifth edition of the Innovation for Change program:  an impact innovation program dedicated to young talents attending the MBA at Collège des Ingénieurs Italia and the Doctoral School of Politecnico di Torino who want to shape the society and the world for a sustainable development

Innovation for Change has become one of the major Italian innovation projects based on the collaboration with companies, institutions and non-profit organizations. Every year, Innovation for Change encourages the participants to develop innovative and scalable business ideas and practical solutions to respond to the most important challenges related to social, economic and environmental problems of today.  

The partners of the fifth edition of Innovation for Change program are Enel Foundation, long-time partner of the project, Autostrade per l'Italia, CNH Industrial, DSM, the Apulia Region, Iren and the United Nations International Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI). By joining the project, the partners would like to actively promote their commitment to have a positive impact on the social and environmental systems in which they operate. 

The challenges on which the 53 participants will work focus on food supply chain sustainability, circular economy, fake news and occupational health and safety.

The teams will present their solutions in front of a jury of investors and experts from the technological and industrial sectors on June 23rd, during the Italian Tech Week festival in Turin.


Success Stories


During the second edition of Innovation for Change, ENEL Foundation launched a challenge about health on work environments, from which SoundBubble was born. SoundBubble is a smart headphone which allows the user to pick the sounds they want to hear. The objective is to provide safety and increase productivity in the workplace. 

In 2018, SoundBubble gathered €50k to develop the proof of concept, and last year it signed a contract for product development with ENEL Green Power and, so, was able to test its solution in real field. The first application of SoundBubble is in factories, where it can protect workers from excessive noise while allowing alarms and voices to be heard thanks to a personalized set-up.



SPECTRUMLab was born from the challenge Generate value from waste launched by Ferrovie dello Stato in the last edition of Innovation for Change. SpectrumLab is a thermochromic reflective paint that changes its color based on air temperature. The paint is developed to be applied to building roof surfaces  to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. This project aims to be a solution to the urban heat island.

After participating in the Global Grad Show 2019, SPECTRUMLab has been selected for an acceleration program that will take place in Dubai starting from March 2020.


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IdeaSquare ( is a specialised centre for experimental innovation at CERN that hosts research and development projects on detection technologies and collaborates with high level interdisciplinary education programmes. Located near the Globe of Science and Innovation in Geneva, it offers ad hoc meeting spaces and facilities for rapid prototyping in innovation-related projects. The purpose of IdeaSquare is to bring people together to bring new ideas, projects and prototypes to life, with the final aim of contributing to the activities of CERN's Technology Transfer Group through innovative products and solutions of global significance. 

Collège des Ingénieurs Italia (CDI Italia)

The Collège des Ingénieurs Italia ( is an independent institution of excellence for post-graduate managerial training of young graduates in science. It is part of the European network of the Collège des Ingénieurs (CDI) and was founded by Fondazione Agnelli, Fondazione Edoardo Garrone and Fondazione Pirelli in 2009. CDI Italia is based in Turin, at Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli in via Giacosa 38, Turin. 

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 Politecnico di Torino

The Politecnico di Torino ( was founded in 1906 and originates from the School of Application for Engineers founded in 1859. It is accredited by international rankings as one of the leading technical universities in Europe, with about 33,000 students, 14% of whom are foreigners, from over 100 countries.

The Politecnico is a centre of excellence for training and research in Engineering, Architecture, Design and Planning with close relationships and collaborations with the socio-economic system.  It is an all-round Research University, where training and research integrate and form a system, to provide a concrete response to the needs of the economy, the territory and, above all, the students. The Politecnico di Torino collaborates with the best universities and research centers in the world and signed agreements with the major international industrial groups, and also with local companies, as a reference point for innovation.

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