Experimental Innovation


The building is normally occupied by visiting students, CERN researchers working on their projects, and organisations hosting hackathons or short workshop style courses. These events combine different areas of technology and society with a common purpose awakes the question, what purpose?, to give a spark for science and entrepreneurship in service of making the world a better place. These events are typically short in duration, lasting up to a maximum of two weeks. IdeaSquare provides the facilities and can contribute through specialized talks, workshops, and coaching, as well as networking opportunities. To host your event at IdeaSquare, check the calendar and get in touch.



Challenge Based Innovation


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Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) is a project course, where multidisciplinary student teams and their instructors collaborate with researchers at CERN to discover novel solutions for the future of humankind.




Other Events




These events are typically short in duration, lasting up to two or three days. IdeaSquare provides the facilities and can contribute to short term innovation events by offering innovation-related education and coaching.

All past events are recorded on Indico


Innovator in Residence Program

Innovator in Residence

The IdeaSquare Innovator in Residence Program gives a chance for people from divergent backgrounds to work with us in our dedicated innovation space in the heart of CERN. We experiment with different ways of connecting human kind with technology together in different collaborations.

We invite the residents to:

  • Contribute to the current projects in house, giving them perspective through mentorship to help develop surprising, sustainable and delightful solutions for the future;
  • Develop novel collaborations with academic, business and other partners who can help us expand our scope regarding socially relevant innovations and explorative research.

Challenge us and leave their unique mark on the community!

IdeaSquare residential program is targeted, in particular, for researchers who wish to stay at IdeaSquare to carry out experimental innovation-related research for a longer time period - from six months up to two years. The program is intended for post-docs or equivalent, who are associated with an education establishment and can arrange their own funding to cover the living and lodging costs in the Geneva region. IdeaSquare offers a desk and free access to its facilities.

While carrying out research at CERN, the researcher is expected to contribute to the ongoing programs at IdeaSquare (e.g. CBI) and/or to the referred CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation (CIJ). For more information, please contact Markus Nordberg.






Want to host your own event?

*Please be sure to first check the calendar of planned events here

*More info on the CBI program can be found here

*Guidelines for hosting your own "hackathon" type event can be found here