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Tools and Facilities

Rapid Prototyping is at the core of what IdeaSquare does. If you are a member of the CERN community, come by and use our facilities to prototype.




3D Printer

Have an idea you want to see in the real world? Come by and print it using one of our 3D printers.




German reprap X400

Ordbot hadron

Formlabs form1+

Prusa i3

Various printing materials



Electrical Shop

The ElectroShop is set up to let you create, program and test your electronics creations. It contains equipment for printing circuit boards, soldering, programming and testing.



Soldering and De-soldering stations suitable for even surface mount soldering



Signal generators


Variable power supplies

Easy access to basic components


Machine Shop

The Machine Shop has everything you need for cutting, drilling, assembling, and gluing.

As always, remember to ask for help before you need it.



Bench Drill

Electric hand tools

Basic prototyping materials


Light Room

Light Room is set up to provide a semi-cleanroom environment equipped with an optical table, PC controlled stereo-microscope, and radioactive sources: Sr90 and Am241. Small set up to perform tests at Kelvin level also available.

(Currently dedicated to Neutrino project) Please ask if you need help and some working space.


Leica M205C stereo microscope

Thorlabs optic table

Radioactive sources

Power supplies

Digital Multimeters



(Not yet functional):

Stirling cooler

Pfeiffer vacuum pump



The Space



Use the Space


Reach out to any member of the IdeaSquare staff for more information and before using the equipment.

Please Note: The number one rule is to ask for help before you need it.

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