CERN Accelerating science


Operation principles

Only CERN personnel may host an R&D project and must agree to the following guiding principles:

  1. The projects are related to detector R&D deemed necessary by the collaboration managements for future upgrades;

  2. The projects are transparent and accessible within the collaborations in terms of information flow and exchange of ideas;

  3. The projects include a strong educational component as well as industrial co- development and partnership having in mind new ideas beyond the scope of particle physics, alone (i.e. not a traditional subcontractor relationship);

  4. The projects follow the open access philosophy adopted by Ideasquare where the industrial partners are left free to utilize the results of the project without claims from the collaboration and where the collaborations are left free to utilize the results for their internal detector R&D and development purposes without claims from the industrial partners;

  5. The projects agree to share the Ideasquare facilities and interact with each other and across scientists, engineers and students;

  6. The projects agree to host visiting CBI and other cross-disciplinary student teams subject to a case-by-case agreement specifying the scope and level of involvement implied;

  7. The projects agree to host short (VIP) visits as requested by CERN;

  8. The projects subscribe to CERN rules and regulations related to the safe operation and effective use of the Ideasquare building. 

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