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The Other Side of Innovation

On October 25, 2017,  more than 150 people explored the IdeaSquare innovation space at CERN to attend “ The Other Side of Innovation” and discover what the space has to offer and how to get involved.

Located in a technical hall at CERN next to the Globe of Science and Innovation, it offers ad-hoc meeting space and rapid prototyping facilities for innovation-related projects.

Guests visited its electric and machine shops, learnt the basics of 3D printing, robotics programming and human-centered design processes, talked to resident researchers about their current projects and listened to guests speakers. Photos of the event here.

Professor of technology and innovation at ETH Zürich, Stefano Brusoni, gave a talk entitled” Thinking about design thinking: Evidence from the field and from the lab”, arguing that the value is on the process and not necessarily on the result. Bruno Herbelin, deputy director of the Center for Neuroprosthetics at EPFL, immersed us on the power of embodiment of virtual reality and how researchers can best use this new technology.  Mohanty Prasanna also from EPFL presented CrowdAI, a platform that connects data science experts and enthusiasts with open data to solve specific problems, through challenges. Domenico Vicinanza, director of sound and game engineering research group at Anglia Ruskin University, showed the latest experiments on data sonification and wearable sensor music creation.  Videos of the talks are available here.

The event was organized by three master students from IED Barcelona, Mathieu Albrand, Manuel Vigo, and Richard Villalobos, who were supervised by Claudia Marcelloni from IdeaSquare.  Have a look at the video capturing the spirit and activities of the day: